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Half Marathon Training

Greetings Friends, These first four weeks of training have flown by so quick and I am coming up on my 6 mile long run this week. I am excited as I have forgotten how much of an outlet running is for me and how it gives me time to unplug and process. If you are behind on reading you can catch up on my first 3 weeks of Half marathon training here:https://livefitwomensfitness.com/2015/02/21/half-marathon-training-2/ I have been trying to perfect my head stand which is one of my 2015 goals. I have just really been amazed at with time, consistency and a weight lifting plan how strong I have become. I love weights and the many benefits of weight lifting. I have written about it before which you can read here: https://livefitwomensfitness.com/2013/08/13/why-weights-part-1/


Practicing my head stand

Over the years I have really realized that health isn’t being bone thin. I ran throughout high school and college and my goals mainly focused on being fast and very skinny. After the birth of my children I really came to a cross roads. I couldn’t run 4-6 miles a day and losing weight seemed hard. When I became a personal trainer I realized that my idea of healthy body composition had been completely off. I needed to find workouts that fit into life with kids. I started incorporating weights and have been amazed at how much better and stronger I feel. I feel so much stronger while running and have realized that strength is not only power but the new healthy. Making slow progress on that head stand. My hubby bought me these lululemon spandex for Christmas and I may be in love. I am wearing them in the picture. I have a workout clothes addiction and these may be the most comfortable spandex I have ever worn! They don’t slide around, are made of such high quality fabric, and are so comfortable! You can find them here:http://shop.lululemon.com/home.jsp?k_clickid=cd3cc474-737f-422c-98c2-8fb10af55ee5&k_trackingid=11×20422&cid=Google&gclid=CjwKEAjwxKSoBRCZ5oyy87DimEcSJADiWsvgz_K2O_xFDpMMxSoC69GGDwSihWjjEhov3ScyIjcVuRoC2MTw_wcB The first few weeks of my training I have been extremely sore and week four I finally was finding some relief. My body has started to readjust to running more and I was able to get outside for a run last Sunday and hit my four mile mark in around 30 minutes. I love using the treadmill in the winter as a training tool. It helps me learn my pace and I often try to power through long runs at my desired mile pace on the treadmill. My goals are an 8:30-8:45 mile pace for the race. Here is weeks 4-5 training plans:

Training Weeks 4-5

Training Weeks 4-5

After my long run on Sunday I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my hip flexor and IT band. Which led me to do a lot of reading and I have spent a lot of time on my foam roller. I think I have really neglected a huge component in my routine which is stretching. Maybe be on the look out for a foam roller post in the near future!! I have listed 5 reasons why stretching is so important:

Don't forget to stretch!

Don’t forget to stretch! This photo is vintage. My oldest was helping me touch my toe!

1. Reduces risk of injury 2. Enhances muscle performance (allowing you to get a better workout in the next time you workout because your muscles aren’t tight) 3. improves your posture and prevents back pain 4. Helps keep joints healthy 5. Provides physical and mental relaxation I took it easy today and plan to stretch more tonight. Circuiting through my stretches 3-4x holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds. I always listen to my body and rearrange my running schedule to allow my body more rest if I feel it needs it. I often tell my clients this. I swapped days and will be doing my repeat day tomorrow. Hopefully fingers crossed my hips and IT band will feel better after being more intentional and consistent with my stretches! Here are weeks 6-7 training plans: IMG_3261 Are you training for any race this spring? Comment below on how training is going!? I really need to register for my race!! Blessings, Happy Running If you are looking for accountability, help with your fitness goals or a weight training program tailored to your needs lets connect!

Tone it Tuesday

Hey live fit,

This is anther one of my go to moves. A cutesy squat with a lat row. Working the Glute muscles and lat muscles In the back. It’s great to alternate sides and get that heart rate pumping.

If you want to modify here: quarter squat or just take out the lat row.

If you are looking to tone 12-15 reps, 3-4 sets, if your weight seems light the last 3 reps of your last set then maybe it’s time to grab a set of heavier weights (3-5lbs).

Fit tip:machines in the weight room are great. Free weights give us the opportunity to use weights more functionally as we would doing our daily activities. They also are a great way to increase your heart rate.

Working the Upper Back with A Resistance Band


Greetings Fitness Friends,

Behind on days 1-3 on the resistance band/pregnant girls workout?

Find them here:

Day 1: resistance band workout

Day 2: Resistance Band Workout

Day 3: Resistance Band Workout

Today’s Exercise Focuses on the upper back. A reverse fly strengthens the trapezius and rhomboids and posterior deltoid. Having strong back muscles help reduce strain on our back and neck and also help us with our posture.

start with a neutral wrist, hands in line with shoulders and take your arms (straight or slight bend at the elbow) out to be in line with shoulders. Make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together exhaling during the exertion phase of the exercise and as you release inhaling.

Doing this exercise in reps of 12-15, in 1-3 sets depending on your fitness level

Fitness tip of the Day: Adding isometric holds during our strength training routines are a great way to tone and sculpt the body. Holding the exercise while exhaling in a fixed spot, creates definition strengthening the smaller stabilizer muscles.

Happy Sweating Live Fit, Blessings

Pregnant Girls Resistance Band Workout


Greetings Fitness Friends,

I apologize for the delay as I have promised 5 days of resistance training workouts, great for pregnant and non-pregnant exercisers. Life gets hectic at times with kids and being pregnant myself. I recently just started personal training and am getting adjusted to new changes. I want to bring you great fitness, motivational, nutritional information, grow my readership and am trying my best to update my blog as often as I can!

My Goal at the end of day 5 is to have a full body workout that you can perform all in a day or circuit train with that pertains to your training schedule.

Looking to catch up on the resistance band workouts:

Day 1 Resistance Band Workout

Day 2 : Resistance Band Workout

Day 1: Works outer hip, hamstring, quad, bicep
Day 2: Works chest and tricep
Day 3: Working Lat Muscles in the back, inner thigh, shoulders

Day 3: Picture 1: Working latissimus Dorsi: sit up nice and tall and have a slight bend in knee’s. loop resistance band around your feet and adjust resistance as necessary. Pull handle bars back and as you bring elbows directly back squeeze your shoulder blades exhaling and inhaling as you return to starting position.

Day 3: Picture 2: Working your anterior shoulder with an upright row and inner thighs while you pile squat. Make sure your feet are at a 45 degree angle and criss cross your resistance band. as you squat down bring your handles up to shoulder level and release. If you are new to exercise you can take out the upright row or quarter squat here to modify. Inhale as you squat down and exhale as you return to starting position squeezing the gluteus!

New exercisers I would recommend 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps, a seasoned exerciser 3 sets of 12 reps. Circuiting the exercises are also an option. 4 sets of 30 seconds per exercise or 12 reps moving from each exercise with little or no rest. I also recommend starting with the large muscle groups leg, back, and progressing to smaller muscles as you conclude your workout.

Don’t forget to warm-up and cool down! 🙂

Fit Tip of the Day:
Don’t mistake hunger for thirst. Stay properly hydrated it helps our metabolism. Think you are hungry drink an 8oz glass of water first!

Blessings, Live Fit

Pregnant Girl’s Workout



Good Afternoon Live Fit,

Today’s feature exercise with the resistance band is chest and Tricep. If you missed out yesterday I am featuring exercises each day this week that you can use with the resistance band. Being pregnant it has often been my go to piece of equipment and it’s great for if you need to change up your regimen or are pressed for time. Check out yesterday’s link if you missed out:Day 1 Resistance Band Workout

I used my husband for the top picture! You might see him around live fit more often as he is also passionate about staying in shape and weight lifting!

Top and bottom picture 1: Each working a different part of the tricep muscle. When lifting my triceps I usually go until exhaustion. Exhale as you press up and inhale as you release down. If you are new to weight lifting, I would go anywhere from 1-2 sets of 8-15 reps working your way up to 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps. Circuiting the exercises are also an option: this is going to give you the a quick workout in a short time. It Promotes strength, endurance, and allows you to incorporate cardio. You could run through all the exercises that I give you this week to create a routine that you repeat 1-4 times doing each exercise for 30-60 seconds.

Top and Bottom Picture 2: The first picture is a chest press. Exhale as you press up and inhale as you release down. Adjust the resistance as necessary if the exercise is feeling to easy, shorten your resistance band and if it is feeling to hard give yourself some slack. The bottom picture is a chest fly. Inhale as your take your arms out and exhale as your bring them back together. Palms face each other, slight bend in the elbow, take your arms out and really squeeze them as you come in. The new exerciser I would recommend 1-2 sets of 8-15 reps and a experienced exerciser 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Quick fit tip for today:
When selecting tubing keep in mind that each color represents a different resistance
Yellow: 3-5lbs
Green: 6lbs
Blue: 15lbs
When I bought my tubbing I bought the resistance that I was training in and the the next highest color. When I began to get stronger I had the resistance band on hand!

Blessings, Live Fit!

Pregnant Girl’s Workout


Greetings Fitness Friends!

It’s Monday and everyday this week I am going to be posting new exercises that utilizes the resistance band. I am coming into my 7 month of pregnancy this week and have used this piece of equipment a lot throughout my pregnancy. Even if you aren’t pregnant these exercises are great to incorporate into your current routine. By the beginning of next week you will have a full body workout that you can use with the resistance band. You could write it down and keep your band with you on days you are pressed for time and still want to get a thirty minute burn in! Great do do on your lunch break at work!

A few things that are great about the resistance band:
they are inexpensive
you can travel with them wherever you go
a great way to change up the old routine
kids playing outside or at a kids practice? get a quick full body burn in
they provide resistance on both the contraction and relaxation phase
you can incorporate them into cardio workouts
no gym no problem, You can perform these at home

Top Picture:

Lunge with a bicep curl: This is considered a multiple joint exercise. You are working both your lower and upper body at the same time. You are going to feel the burn on this one! Personally when I workout I want to get the most bang for my time. Incorporating exercises together is something I do often. You are going to burn more calories and get your heart rate up. Pay close attention to both your breathing, Range of Motion, and Postural alignment: Mentioned here in Why Weights Part 2
Make sure your knee isn’t going over your toe during the lunge, your shoulders are nice and tall, and torso is directly over your hips.

Modification: You could do an alternating lunge by itself and quarter lunge, you aren’t getting as deep into the movement here (if you have had knee complications or surgery in the past). Take the band and place it under one foot to then perform the bicep curl by itself.

Bottom Picture:

Start in a Squat position with the band underneath each foot and hold the handles up at your hips. Bring your right leg together and then as you squat push your left leg out as you sit into a squat position keeping your handles up at your hips. Bring your legs together and then alternate to the right side. This is working your gluteus medius (outer hip muscles).

Modification: Take the squat out of the exercise and have the handle bars at hip level underneath each foot and a slight bend in the supporting knee to perform leg lifts.

Depending on your current fitness level I would recommend anywhere from 1-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions for each exercise. If you are just starting out use the modifications listed above and then gradually move to the more advanced exercises. Start with one set of 15 repetitions and work your way toward 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions over time. A good way to know you are ready to advance in resistance or more difficult exercises is when you are on your last set and last three reps can easily be performed.

I will see you tomorrow for Chest and Tricep exercises! We are building a resistance exercise routine that you can take with you anywhere.

Don’t forget pregnant ladies, keep on keeping on! I am starting to feel the final trimester burn out and am reminded that exercise gives me more energy, helps prevent back pain,improves my mood, helps my posture, helps me sleep like a rock, promotes and maintains: muscle tone, strength, and endurance!

(Remember it’s always crucial to warm-up your body prior to working out and cool down the body, stretch once you have completed your workout. I am not liable to any injuries/health issues that result from exercises from this site. Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any workout regimen. If you feel pain or any discomfort while exercising stop immediately).

Post your Favorite Resistance Band Exercise, I Love New idea’s and sharing them with each other will only advance us more on our journey together!

Blessings, Live Fit


Why Weights? Part 2

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Good Afternoon Fitness Friends,

Here is our second segment on Why Weights? if you didn’t get a chance to read our first segment on weight lifting it covered the benefits of why lifting weights is so important to incorporate into your fitness routine. Today I am going to talk about some resistance training guidelines.

Resistance Training Guidelines:

1. If you are new to weight lifting, find an experienced friend or partner that can offer feedback, assistance, check your technique and help keep you motivated.
2. Select a minimum to 8 to 10 exercises targeting major muscle groups
3. Training each muscle group for 2-4 sets and 8-12 repetitions
4. If you are just beginning a workout routine ease into it with 1 or more sets of 10-15 repetitions for the first month really focusing on your form and postural alignment
5. Resistance training for each major muscle group should be performed 2-3 days per week on nonconsecutive days, separated by at least 48 hours
6. Use a full range of motion
7. performing each exercise in a slow, deliberate and controlled manner.
8. Don’t hold your breath! Here is a great article explaining how to breath during exercise from Spark People.com and it also has some great video demo’s with different exercises explaining when to inhale and exhale during weight lifting. Breathing During Exercise

Reference-NETA Fitness Professionals Manual

What is postural alignment? Postural alignment when we are focusing on good posture. Our Chin is up, shoulder blades nice and tall, and abdominals are compressed. Our feet our hip width apart, weight evenly distributed on each foot. Postural alignment is important in preventing injury and making each exercise effective.

What is full range of motion? Range of Motion

Resistance Training during Pregnancy helps women from loosing muscle mass and here are some safe exercises that can be performed: Bicep curls, shoulder raises, chest press (back supported, on an inclined bench), triceps extensions, and leg lifts.

Blessings, I hope this information will help you on your fitness journey. Find a friend, keep good form and postural alignment, remember to breath, make sure to rest and exercise each major muscle group on nonconsecutive days and next week I will write on how to formulate a exercise routine that will target the major muscle groups.

Why Weights? Part 1


Greetings Fitness Friends,

If you would have asked me six years ago if I liked lifting weights. I would have had to tell you occasionally. At this point I would lift here and there and mostly pound the pavement or my treadmill everyday. I would be getting in anywhere from 4-6 miles per day.

It wasn’t until the birth of my first daughter that I was struggling to get back to point A. I kept trying the things I knew had kept me fit in the past and they just didn’t seem to work like they once did. I was flat out discouraged. I began reading, researching, and understanding why it is so easy for people to become stuck in a workout rut. I understood why it was easy to give up and become complacent both physically and spiritually throughout life. If you are currently feeling like this, you aren’t alone and I want you to know that part of the process is believing in yourself and starting with small steps. Don’t let the big picture overwhelm you.

New Years hit that year and I was ready to make some changes. I had a one year old and I was ready to feel good again. To have energy and to live with purpose. I wanted wear something besides the same two outfits I had worn all year!

My husband started giving me some pointers. He encouraged me to start lifting more and I did. Over the past six years I have read and learned so much about the bodies response to weight training. Over the past six months I have especially realized through becoming a certified personal trainer that it is a major component of any workout regimen.

Today I am going to just give you the benefits of why weight lifting is so important:

1. Increases lean body mass, resulting in improved body composition and resting metabolic rate
2. Improves coordination and balance
3. It strengthens muscles and joints so that you can increase the intensity and duration of cardio-vascular work
4. Increases bone density, reduced risk of osteoporosis, musculoskeletal injuries and hip fractures
5. Enhanced athletic performance and functional capacity to perform activities of daily living
6. Reduces back pain

Pregnant women: It can help prepare you for childbirth, help you recover your pre-pregnancy weight, strength and flexibility levels.

The above is taken from:
National Exercise Trainers Association The Fitness Professional’s Manual 3rd Edition
Strength Training for Women, By: Joan Pagano (One of my Favorite Books on Weight Training)

This is a pretty meaty topic. Look for Part’s 2-4 of the Why Weight’s Series over the next three weeks on Live Fit’s Blog.

This information can seem overwhelming, small steps. Small steps are rewarded in both our physical and spiritual walk. The changes you start today on your spiritual and physical walk are an investment in yourself.

“But you, Take Courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!”
2 Chronicles 15:7

The Lords rewards us for our faithfulness. Physically as we take charge of our physical health we begin to see results on the outside. While on our spiritual journey it’s a matter of the heart and letting God in to help us when we become discouraged in knowing we can’t do this alone and we need him in this life.

Blessings Live Fit,


My Blog Vacation

Greetings friends,

I have been away and I am ready to get my blog in order and start sharing with you again! Some exciting things have kept me from keeping up over the last four months!

My husband and I are expecting our 3 baby GIRL!

I have been studying to obtain my personal trainers certification and hopefully passed my test yesterday!

I have been in constant prayer about the direction of my blog, Live Fit’s Local fitness ministry and exactly how I will utilize my training certification when I become certified.

In the meantime here is what you can look for on Live Fit’s Blog in the upcoming months:

The strength training post I never got around to posting:P

New exercise moves to integrate into your routine, fitness tips

Workouts: strength training, cardio and the importance of flexibility

Tips on having a fit and healthy pregnancy

Healthy recipes, tips on eating

Canning 101 – How to effectively can and put clean food away to eat all year long

Money saving tips in fitness and on groceries

Random posts on life as a real life mom and wife

The direction of Live Fit’s Ministry, this blog, and how I will use my training certification

I am looking forward to training our bodies in both the physical and the spiritual together! Here is some encouragement as I have been anxious and nervous over these last few months:

” Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phillippians 4:6-7

Blessings, Michelle