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Pregnant Girl’s Workout


Greetings Fitness Friends!

It’s Monday and everyday this week I am going to be posting new exercises that utilizes the resistance band. I am coming into my 7 month of pregnancy this week and have used this piece of equipment a lot throughout my pregnancy. Even if you aren’t pregnant these exercises are great to incorporate into your current routine. By the beginning of next week you will have a full body workout that you can use with the resistance band. You could write it down and keep your band with you on days you are pressed for time and still want to get a thirty minute burn in! Great do do on your lunch break at work!

A few things that are great about the resistance band:
they are inexpensive
you can travel with them wherever you go
a great way to change up the old routine
kids playing outside or at a kids practice? get a quick full body burn in
they provide resistance on both the contraction and relaxation phase
you can incorporate them into cardio workouts
no gym no problem, You can perform these at home

Top Picture:

Lunge with a bicep curl: This is considered a multiple joint exercise. You are working both your lower and upper body at the same time. You are going to feel the burn on this one! Personally when I workout I want to get the most bang for my time. Incorporating exercises together is something I do often. You are going to burn more calories and get your heart rate up. Pay close attention to both your breathing, Range of Motion, and Postural alignment: Mentioned here in Why Weights Part 2
Make sure your knee isn’t going over your toe during the lunge, your shoulders are nice and tall, and torso is directly over your hips.

Modification: You could do an alternating lunge by itself and quarter lunge, you aren’t getting as deep into the movement here (if you have had knee complications or surgery in the past). Take the band and place it under one foot to then perform the bicep curl by itself.

Bottom Picture:

Start in a Squat position with the band underneath each foot and hold the handles up at your hips. Bring your right leg together and then as you squat push your left leg out as you sit into a squat position keeping your handles up at your hips. Bring your legs together and then alternate to the right side. This is working your gluteus medius (outer hip muscles).

Modification: Take the squat out of the exercise and have the handle bars at hip level underneath each foot and a slight bend in the supporting knee to perform leg lifts.

Depending on your current fitness level I would recommend anywhere from 1-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions for each exercise. If you are just starting out use the modifications listed above and then gradually move to the more advanced exercises. Start with one set of 15 repetitions and work your way toward 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions over time. A good way to know you are ready to advance in resistance or more difficult exercises is when you are on your last set and last three reps can easily be performed.

I will see you tomorrow for Chest and Tricep exercises! We are building a resistance exercise routine that you can take with you anywhere.

Don’t forget pregnant ladies, keep on keeping on! I am starting to feel the final trimester burn out and am reminded that exercise gives me more energy, helps prevent back pain,improves my mood, helps my posture, helps me sleep like a rock, promotes and maintains: muscle tone, strength, and endurance!

(Remember it’s always crucial to warm-up your body prior to working out and cool down the body, stretch once you have completed your workout. I am not liable to any injuries/health issues that result from exercises from this site. Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any workout regimen. If you feel pain or any discomfort while exercising stop immediately).

Post your Favorite Resistance Band Exercise, I Love New idea’s and sharing them with each other will only advance us more on our journey together!

Blessings, Live Fit