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Interested in training with me? Train with me online or locally in person

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My Training Programs:


What is a consultation? This is when I meet with or FaceTime with clients to discuss future goals, how they plan on fitting in a fit lifestyle and we come up with a plan together to carry out these goals one small step at a time. Consultations are (30 minutes). 

Coaching calls-$30/ 3 calls are $80

What are coaching calls? Coaching calls are a way that I can connect and touch base with those who are unsure where to start on their journey with fitness or nutrition. I get a lot of messages online and would love to have more time to elaborate and help those who are unsure where to begin or need pointed in the right direction. I love connecting and sharing my passion for fitness and nutrition with others.  Coaching Calls are (30 minutes)

Fitness assessment-$15

What is a fitness assessment? I will use circumference, body fat loss monitor and BMI measurements to measure your progress every 6-8 weeks. We can also use exercises and a timed mile to evaluate progress. This also helps me when planning weekly workouts that are client specific. (This is optional and my clients have found that this helps with motivation and exercise adherence). 

Personal training session-$30/(Can be done VIA FaceTime/google Hangouts)

Training sessions are  based on clients fitness level and current goals. If a client chooses the fitness assessment option this will be a helpful tool in providing a good starting point when I plan their workouts.  I send each client home with a copy of the workout we completed that day. If the client chooses to have me provide them with additional workouts on days we don’t meet I will bill them $5 for each day of the week that they want a workout, will provide those workouts and explain them the day of the session. All sessions are 1 hour in length. 

Partner training: Have a group of friends who want to workout together?

  • Private training: 2 participants ($50), 3 participants ($75), 4 participants ($100)
  • Planned weekly group class: ($5 per participant and first class is free)


What are programs? Programs are tailored and client specific based on a clients goals, consultation, and fitness assessment. In each client specific program each day will be planned for your convince. My clients love having a workout plan and it takes away the stress of trying to figure out what they are going to do each day.  Example: Monday-Weight lifting plan, Tuesday-Cardio plan, Wednesday-Flexibility plan

4 week training plan-($40), 6 week training plan-($60), 8 week training plan-($80)

  • Any client who buys an online plan must meet with me in person to go over the training plan or FaceTime/google hangouts with me (This costs an additional $15)

Sport specific training- $45 

  • Sport specific training group rate: 2 participants ($50), 3 participants ($75), 4 participants ($100)

Weekly bootcamp workout: $10 

**All consultation, coaching calls, personal training clients, and clients who I provide programs for monthly have access to my free private Facebook group. I check-in each week on Wednesday with clients who choose to utilize this part of my service, post workout video’s, motivation, recipes, provide information on nutrition and fitness, host challenges 3-4x a year with giveaways and post special pricing on my services. This has been used by many of my clients and has became a great tool for their success. Live Fit Women’s Fitness online private Facebook group is a way that I can provide my clients with daily online support and they are able to connect and have community with other clients in the group.** 

I would love to talk with you and help you reach your fitness goals. Just enter your information below and the best time to contact you.