Bodyweight Bootcamp

I’m excited to share the last on the series of bodyweight exercises. You can find each one of the pasts posts here: Week 1Week 2Week 3.


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” ~Psalm 139:14~

This past week I had the opportunity to contribute to Still Standing Magazine. This is a magazine to help grieving hearts, those struggling with child-loss and infertility. Writing has really served as a great aid in my healing. My heart in sharing Angelina’s story through writing  is that it can bring HOPE to hurting hearts. You can read more about Angelina’s story here:Angelina’s Story.

Working out during my grieving journey has really aided in my healing. It has served as such a healthy outlet and a way to process. We all workout for our each unique purposes. To release stress, for our health and maybe as a fun past time. Over the last few years in my life this discipline I had created in my life has served as much more than just a workout. It has provided an escape in which I can engage, process and move through grief.

Whatever unique reason you workout. I encourage you to get up and get moving with these bodyweight exercises. I am sharing two separate video’s today in this bodyweight bootcamp. This may have been a film blooper!

Video 1: Lateral Burpees (this can be modified by taking out the hops and stepping).  A few prerequisites for burpees: good trunk stability and perform deep squats with good form. The lateral burpee targets more of the adductors by adding a lateral hop.

Perform this exercise first for 30-45 seconds followed by the next two exercises in this post and take a 1-3 minute break and repeat 3-4x.

Video Two: The next two exercises are called Grasshoppers and Tuck Jumps. You can find a different way to incorporate grasshoppers here.  Common cues I have used in the past for any plank exercise is keeping the fingers spread wide to protect wrists, line your shoulders and hands up. Keep the hips tucked under to prevent from putting stress on your low back and keep your core tight. For tuck jumps keep a very strong core while performing jumps.


I start with a more modified version and then add intensity by adding a hop. I end here with tuck jumps.

I hope you enjoyed this series! What types of workouts would you like to see more of? I would like to finish my series I started last fall, OOPS! 🙂 called Adding Variety to your workout

Happy sweating and blessings,




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