Inchworm to Grasshopper

When asked what is my favorite exercise I would have to say any variation of plank. I love anything in the plank position.  It works so many muscles at once and you can do so many exercises from this position  For some reason sometimes I enjoy wacky exercises that have names like inchworm and grasshopper! Enjoy ladies! If you have an exercise or workout you would like to post please comment or message me and I’ll get them up on the site. We are in this journey together! Sharing and trying new exercises helps us beat what is called a plateau. This is when we stick to the same routines every week and stay within our comfort zone. It is important to add variety to your exercise program. This helps keep you from getting bored and throwing in the towel. It ensures that you are challenging yourself in different ways. Plateau is when your body begins to adapt to the physiological demands of a repetitive workout and you begin to no longer see results. Varying workouts also reduces the chances of over-use and injury!

Inchworm to grasshopper:

This is going to target: Shoulders, back, chest, arms and abs

1: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, then hinge forward at hips, back flat and place palms on the floor

2: Walk hands out into full plank position(modification here would be to bend knees slightly on the walk-out) (keep belly button pulled in don’t let those hips sag, shoulders over your hands!)

3: Bring left leg diagonally beneath body toward right hip. Return to plank, switch legs, repeat.

4: Alternate sides once more, then walk hands back to meet feet to return to start.

5: Start with 5-10 reps

Reference-Fitness magazine, The Women’s Fitness Book

“Remember it’s always crucial to warm-up your body prior to working out and cool down the body, stretch once you have completed your workout. I am not liable to any injuries/health issues that result from exercises from this site. Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any workout regimen. If you feel pain or any discomfort while exercising stop immediately.”


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