Abs Challenge Week 1 and 2

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ABS CHALLENGE! Consistency is the key. If you are just starting out I would suggest slowly working your way into this challenge. Starting off with abs 2-3 times a week with light reps (10-12). Each week add in an extra day of abs and a few more reps as your abdominal muscles begin to get stronger. It is also crucial to rest your body, so your muscles can repair.Listen to your body and if you are feeling sore take a day or two to recover. Doing endless amounts of crunches is not going to help tone and sculpt your abs if you aren’t adding in a variety of exercises that also target other body parts. example: mountain climbers, planks,courtsey or single squats with weights and don’t forget the cardio! It burns the fat and engages the abs. Our body adapts to exercise, incorporating new exercises and at some point adding in weights will help continue to challenge the body. You may have heard me mention this before abs are made in the kitchen. Eating healthy will help aid in the development of your abdominal muscles. Ditch the garbage and eat protein, veggies, and fruits. Stay hydrated! Make sure you have properly warmed-up before doing these exercises. Do this challenge to your comfort level depending on your level of fitness.

Week 1: The basic Series
basic crunch x25
pull your left leg to glutes while your right is straight out x25
pull your right leg to glutes while your left leg is straight out x25
Leg lift combined with a crunch x25
bring both legs up with feet flat on the floor, palms facing down and tap each opposing side on the outside of your hips with your fingertips (called the Turtle) x25

*perform these exercises for week 1

Week 2: Plank Series

The plank is a simple move that trains the abs and spinal extensors as they work to maintain the raised position. you benefit from improved core strength, tighter abdominal, and a stronger back which create better posture. The full plank is an advanced exercise but you can build up to it in stages. Concentrate on tightening the muscles of your abdomen, back, buttocks, and legs and remember to breathe!

(Reference-Strength Training for Women)

If you are new to plank start off just holding them for 10 secs and work your way up to 30 secs

1. plank position 10-30 seconds
2. Plank position while maintaining this position lift and lower your knees for 10-30 seconds
3. side plank- 10-30 seconds (keep each side equal and don’t forget opposing side)
4. side plank while maintaining this position lift and lower your side to touch floor and press up for 10-30 seconds

Plank Tips-lift those abdominal to prevent low back from sagging, keep head, neck, and spine aligned, anchor shoulder blades to avoid from hunching

*Perform these exercises for week 2

Blessings Ladies, Enjoy the Challenge!

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