20 minute treadmill workout

Oh monday right! This is a 20 minute treadmill workout. I was sweating pretty fierce after I completed this workout. I think next week I’ll post a 20 minute ab routine that you can do to gear up for swim suit season which isn’t far around the corner:0

If your schedule is tight during the week try 20 minutes of vigorously intense cardio three days a week. These sessions can even be broken down into 10 minute blocks throughout the day if necessary in order to fit them in, as long as they are done in with the standard daily physical activities. If you are looking to lose weight and improve fitness, 30-60 minutes moderate to intense physical activity five times a week is more likely to be necessary.

-Reference: The Women’s Fitness Book

Blessings Ladies,


(Remember it’s always crucial to warm-up your body prior to working out and cool down the body, stretch once you have completed your workout. I am not liable to any injuries/health issues that result from exercises from this site. Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any workout regimen. If you feel pain or any discomfort while exercising stop immediately).


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