Love Your Body Month

Live Fit’s first post and first challenge

January has come and gone so quickly. How did it go? Did your motivation continue or did you start to loose sight of the goals and allow distractions to set you off track?

A few of my goals: To drink less coffee this year,read my bible everyday, to make more time to listen to God

Whatever your goals may be: to eat healthy, to workout more, to just maintain your current fitness level, to run a half-marathon, spend more time in the word, use God to help you keep sight of these goals.

I sit here thinking of my goals and find myself always wishing for more. wether it be financially, spiritually,socially, wanting to be in better shape and I ask myself why can’t I just be content with what God has blessed me with right know right here? Why is this so gut-wrenching hard to find contentment ?

I honestly think in the American fast paced life of go. go. go. we can’t even find a starting place we can’t even be content for one millisecond. I honestly think back to many of my journey’s of trying to loose my weight or times where I was just trying to get back into shape and was upset and disappointed in myself. Why couldn’t I allow myself to feel content in this moment, and allow myself more time to know that If I kept God in the forefront of my mind and goals, that things would fall into place.

I came across this verse Phillipians 4:11 “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned whatever state I am, to be content.”

This put it in total perspective for me. “For I have learned whatever state I am, to be content”. God wants us to be content if we are 5lbs from our goal weight or just starting out a healthy eating plan.

He wants us to Love our bodies to be content with the amazing people he has created us to be! If we find that contentment in the hard times, trials and seasons of our lives and we let him know our requests he will grant us that peace that surpasses all understanding. He will give us the strength to stop wishing on our goals, but to get up and to accomplish them using his his help

I present this challenge to you wonderful ladies: Our Febuary Challenge is to Love our Bodies! To often we are always wishing away our hips, wanting that six pack, and the list goes on, on.  Today make a pledge to Christ and each other to unconditionally love your body this month. Being content where you are physically, building confidence and tapping into his strength your goals won’t seem too far off.  You will begin to build the confidence you need to become stronger not only physically but spiritually.

One comment

  1. Kelly

    I am working on this! (Well, God is working on me in this area!). It’s funny, I look back at myself in different times of my life where I was unhappy with myself (always, really) and NOW what I would give to be there again. I can see that I have wished my life away…wishing for something other than what I have RIGHT NOW. This is most certainly a part of me that He has been working on for a long time! It’s kinda nice to know that I don’t struggle with this alone.

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