Working the Glutes Muscle Using a Resistance Band


Day 5: Resistance Band Training and The Pregnant Girl Workout focuses on the gluteus. The bent leg lift targets your butt muscles and gives you a nice shape to the back of your thigh. If you are looking to work the hamstring more you can target that muscle by doing a straight-leg lift.

You want to kneel with your knee’s directly under your hips and your elbows under your shoulders. You can also stack your fists and place your head on top of them. Exhaling as you lift the leg to hip height and holding for a second. As you lower that leg to the floor inhale.

Doing 8-12 reps on each leg in 1-3 sets. You can add pulses to intensify this exercise or ankle weights. (Don’t forget to warm-up)

Today’s Fit Tip: Change up the pace of your workouts to stimulate working muscles. Pulse, a 2 count, 4 count and isometric hold.

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